Fail Proof Visa Interview Hacks

Fail Proof Visa Interview Hacks

Preparing to study abroad can be overwhelming for the students and aspirants at times. And when the whole kerfuffle is about to end, you suddenly receive news from the VFS that your visa has been rejected. This could really disturb one’s mind and disrupt the spirit to apply for it all over again. And it is quite common among the students to give up after they have been rejected for a visa for whichever country they have applied for. Through this blog, we intend to give you some hacks which can help you to ace your visa interview.

Control the conversation actively

Beginning with the greatest tip of all the time, which is to BE AN ACTIVE INTERVIEWEE, rather than a passive one. The students must keep this fact in their minds that Visa officers are not as interested in their visa application as they are. For visa officers, you might be just another case file that he comes across while doing his job. And that is exactly why they don’t ask many questions to the applicant. But whatever questions are asked must be answered actively.

For example, if the interviewer is asking you about what your parents do, or anything at all related to your present financial situation, you need to provide them with the relevant information without overexplaining yourself. It becomes quite crucial to note that the interviewer will not ask further questions if you are satisfying them with the information. And in this way, you will become the controller of the conversation rather than them and they will eventually realise that the student is providing the information that is relevant and presented in a crisp and direct manner.

The art of story-telling

Another concern that we want to address through this blog is that you must never, throughout the interview, say that you want to stay back in the country after the termination of your program even if the country has granted you the opportunities such as post-study work visa ones. Always make it sound like you have to return back to your home country and your only purpose of migration is to get educated further. One sure shot way to achieve this is to practise story-telling, you have to tell them a story which has a substance to it and is believable. This is definitely going to make them click the “issue” button for your visa.

Long answers correct answers.

Students often think that if they justify their answers at length, they might just be able to convince the Visa officer that they are a genuine applicants and they will be convinced enough to issue your visa. Give a full and satisfactory answer to any questions asked rather than dragging it and lengthening it unnecessarily.

Keep everything important stacked up

It’s ‘now or never’ for you at the time when you are in a visa interview and you need to remind yourself of that all the time. This is said in a context to keep all your documents ready and in handy as well. If the visa officer asks you to show any particular document which could be related to your finances, it could be your unconditional offer letter, your LoR or any piece of important papers for that matter. You must be ready to show the document to them then and there itself. You can not expect the officer to go like, “That is alright, come back later and submit the document”. That won’t be the case and they will start feeling that the applicant has either inadequate documents or they are not a genuine applicant.

And in the end, it is needless to say that you must be aware of all the questions that they could ask related to your profile and you must practise for answering adequately. You can always approach myglobaluni for all your study abroad inquiries, interview preparations, application procedures and so on.

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