myglobaluni’s guide to everything you need to know about Australia’s Post-Graduation Work Permit

myglobaluni’s guide to everything you need to know about Australia’s Post-Graduation Work Permit

Academic brilliance and bright job possibilities can be found in Australia. International students choose to study in Australia in huge numbers each year, and the majority of them apply for post-study work permits there. The number of open positions was 107.4% more in August 2022 than it was in February 2020, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The future is clearly bright for job searchers in many industries around the nation with this increase in the job market. After completing your higher education, you must unquestionably remain in Australia. However, it is not as simple as it may seem because, after completing your studies in Australia, you must obtain a work permit, which calls for careful planning and preparation.

For international students, Australia provides a variety of employment options. As a result of the nation’s increasing need for skilled labour, it attracts and assimilates foreign students by offering them lucrative post-study employment visas. The post-study work visa in Australia encourages international students to work after they have finished their studies by allowing them to stay in the country for up to 4 years. This blog will assist you if you are an international student who plans to stay in Australia after completing your higher education. Here, we’ve covered the post-graduate work visa process in Australia as well as the requirements needed to apply-

Types of post-study work visas

Immigration and national residence are managed by the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs. It welcomes students with a variety of work visas to support their professional development and help them realise their goals. Let’s examine the numerous forms of Australian work visas-

  • Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) Post Study Work 

The best candidate for this visa is an international student who has graduated from an illustrious Australian institution with the necessary abilities and credentials. The qualifications and talents are closely tied to a job that will be in demand in Australia’s labour market for the foreseeable future. During that time, they are able to bring your family with them thanks to this visa, which allows a stay of up to 18 months. Within six months of finishing their coursework, students must apply for this visa.

  • Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) for Post-Study Workstream

Among students who wish to work in Australia after completing their studies, this post-study work visa is the most popular. International students with qualifying degrees who recently graduated from reputable Australian educational institutions should apply for this visa (irrespective of their field of study). Australia is accessible for two to four years with this post-study employment visa. If they possess this visa, students may bring their families as well. Additionally, within six months of finishing their courses, students must submit an application for this visa.

  • Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (Subclass 476)

Graduates in engineering with engineering degrees from certain institutes of higher learning within the last two years are eligible for this visa. Their family can visit Australia for up to 18 months with this visa, which they must have. International students now have access to an extra post-study work arrangement according to the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs, which was implemented in November 2019. The current two-year post-study workstream of the Temporary Graduate Visa will receive another one- or two-year extension starting in 2021 for overseas students studying in various Australian cities besides Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane (subclass 485).

Latest Updates on Australian Post-Study Work Visa 

For international students, Australia has introduced the Temporary (subclass 408) visa in an effort to increase employment rates in key industries and ensure that they are operating properly to provide services to the nation. Students may work more than 40 hours in a fortnight in this situation, either before the course begins or while it is in session. For students travelling to Australia between January 19 and March 19, 2022, there is a fee remission available and applications are being accepted online.

Australian Visa Resources

  • Sample SOP for Australian Student Visa
  • Subclass 189 Visa
  • Australian Visa Subclass 190
  • Subclass 491 Visa

Prerequisites for Post-Study Work Visas

Each form of post-study work visa in Australia has particular requirements that students must fulfil according to guidelines established by the Department of Home Affairs, Government of Australia. Australia’s post-study employment visa requirements may change depending on how long the individual plans to stay there. Let’s look at what each post-study employment visa requires.

The requirements for various types of visas for post-study work in Australia varied-

  • Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) Post Study Work

For this visa, engineering graduates are the best candidates. It allows candidates to work and study in Australia for up to 18 months. The prerequisites are-

  • The applicants should be younger than 31 years old.
  • A recent 24-month engineering degree from a particular educational institution is a requirement for the application.
  • A temporary graduate visa (subclass 476) or a skilled recognised graduate visa (subclass 476) cannot be held by the applicant (subclass 485)
  • The applicant must meet the specified character and physical health requirements.
  • For this kind of post-study work visa in Australia, the candidate must have a strong command of the English language. A valid passport from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, or the Republic of Ireland is also required.
  • Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) for Post-Study Workstream

All international students who hold this visa are permitted to stay and work in Australia for up to 18 months. To qualify for this sort of post-study work visa, candidates must meet the following requirements-

  • The individual must be under 50 years old and just out of college.
  • The applicant’s qualifications and skills should be in line with the demand in Australia, making them eligible for inclusion on the list of skilled occupations in that country (SOL).
  • The applicant must have a study visa for Australia, and the language of instruction must be English.
  • The candidate must be able to prove their English proficiency with a valid IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, PTE Academic, or Cambridge C1 advanced exam score.
  • The applicant must have successfully finished a CRICOS-registered course within the previous six months and earned at least one certificate or degree.
  • The applicant shall satisfy all medical and character standards.
  • No subclass 485 or subclass 476 visas should be in their possession.
  • In the event that the applicant’s prior application for a visa was denied or withdrawn, the application shall be declared invalid.
  • Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (Subclass 476)

This visa is suitable for applicants who have just graduated from an accredited Australian university. The holder of this visa may enter Australia, remain for two to four years, and engage in employment there with their families. Verify the following criteria to see if you qualify for this type of visa-

  • The applicant must be below 50 years of age.
  • The applicant must hold a graduate degree from a CRICOS-registered programme.
  • The applicant must be in possession of a valid student visa. A candidate is also eligible if they had a student visa within the previous six months.
  • The candidate cannot have a subclass 485 or subclass 476 visa on them.
  • The candidate must successfully fulfil all prerequisites for studying in Australia.
  • The applicant should possess at least one of the degrees listed below-
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Honors with a bachelor’s degree
    • Master’s degree by subject/coursework
    • Master’s degree (extended)
    • Master of Research degree
    • Doctoral degree
  • The work visa for this category is not available to students with a diploma or a trade certificate.
  • The applicant must possess a valid IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, PTE Academic, or Cambridge C1 advanced exam score to demonstrate his or her ability in English.
  • Each and every medical and character qualification must be satisfied by the applicant.

Other Eligibility Criteria-

  • Further Qualifications
  • You must meet additional conditions after fulfilling the ones listed above in order to obtain a post-study work permit in Australia. These consist of:
  • You should not be older than 50 years old and have finished your 18th year of life.
  • A current copy of your passport or documentation demonstrating your language skills must be presented. The minimal marks for some well-known exams are:
    • IELTS: At least 6
    • TOEFL iBT: 64
    • PTE: 50
  • For the duration of your stay, you must have proper health coverage in order to receive the visa. Your transportation is also covered, as is any medically necessary treatment.
  • For the duration of your stay, you must have proper health coverage in order to receive the visa. Your transportation is also covered, as is any medically necessary treatment.
  • To be eligible to apply for an Australian postgraduate work permit, you must meet the country’s moral standards.
  • Ensure that your visa won’t be revoked or rejected while you’re in the nation.

How can I get a post-study work visa for Australia?

International students can use their ImmiAccount to submit an online application for any sort of post-study work visa in Australia, or they can use the paper application. The “No Further Stay” condition 8503 or 8534 must be specified in the student’s most recent visa application form in order for the paper form to be accepted. An applicant may submit an online application by visiting the Department of Home Affairs’ official website. Below is a summary of the stages involved in obtaining a visa as well as the requirements for an Australia work visa.

They should be in Australia at the time of application for both types of Temporary Graduate Visa (graduate workstream and post-study workstream), but not in immigration clearance. The Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government will make the decision about their request for a visa. They should file an application for these two visas once their studies are finished, but they must do so before the 6-month window opens.

The applicant may be inside or outside of Australia when submitting an application for a Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476). However, they must be outside of Australia when the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs decides whether to grant their visa. They need to apply for this visa within two years of finishing their programme.

Prospective students can have a look below at the steps-

  • Step 1: Before starting the application process, gather all necessary documents.
  • Step 2: Next, visit the ImmiAccount website.
  • Step 3: If you’re a new user, choose “create ImmiAccount,” or if you already have an account and have registered it, log in.
  • Step 4: Check and complete the application for a visa. Include all required paperwork.
  • Step 5: If your family members are coming with you, give their information.
  • Step 6: Finally, pay the application fees online as stated using a credit card, BPay, or PayPal.

Documents Needed for Australian Post-Study Work Visas

The list of documentation you will require for your post-study work visa application is provided below-

  • Identity cards
  • Documents for education
  • Paperwork related to your health insurance
  • Personal documents
  • The documentation of your companion if they accompany you
  • documents for any minor children you may have
  • any supporting documentation for dependents older than 18

How much does an Australian post-study work visa cost?

Examining the prices of various post-study work visas, let’s see what they are-

  • Temporary graduate visa for graduate work stream:

Visa processing takes 90 days to 4 months and costs AUD 1650.

  • Temporary graduate visa for post-study work stream

Visa processing takes 70 to 90 days and costs AUD 1650.

  • Skilled recognized graduate visa:

Visas cost AUD 405  and take 8 to 11 months to process.

What is the duration of the work permit issued?

The type of degree you earn will determine how long your work visa will last-

  • A two-year work visa is available to graduates with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Students who earn a master’s degree through coursework are qualified for a two-year work visa. (This is the normal Masters programme, which is what the majority of Indian students choose to study.)
  • Students who earn a Masters by Research degree are qualified for a three-year work permit.
  • A 4 year work visa is available to graduates with a doctoral degree (or PhD).

Australia’s Post-Graduation Work Permit’s Validity and Processing Time

  • Duration of PGWP Processing

If you have filed for a Graduate Work Stream Visa in Australia, it will take 10 to 13 months for your application to be processed, according to the Department of Home Affairs website of the Australian Government. In contrast, the processing time for the post-study work stream visa or the Australia work permit following a master’s degree may range from 7 to 14 months.

  • Validity of PGWP

Your degree of education and the type of graduate visa stream you have applied for in Australia will determine how long the PGWP is valid.

  • After completing their studies, students are permitted to stay in the nation for up to 18 months with the Graduate Work Stream Visa.
  • In contrast, those with master’s degrees or Post Study Work stream visas may remain in Australia for up to four years following graduation.
  • Additionally, those with post-study skilled visas may remain in Australia for up to 18 months.

How Should I Proceed If My Passport Expires Prior to PGWP Australia?

You must have a current copy of your passport on hand for the term of your PGWP, which is a crucial consideration when applying. In the unlikely event that your passport expires prior to applying for an Australia post work permit. When this happens-

  • The passport and your visa are electronically connected. In order for your visa to be electronically connected with your new passport, the best thing to do if you have a new passport is to update it with immigration.
  • You can receive a call from the immigration authorities asking about an extension of your passport.

Australia is renowned for its high academic standards and multiculturalism, giving all of its students equal opportunity in terms of professional possibilities. Its top-ranked colleges increase employment levels in the nation and make it simpler for students to land offers and open the door to a promising future. Make the most of your stay by utilising your work permit from Australia following your master’s and your carefully thought-out career strategy. So, if you’ve finished your higher education and are searching for a work permit to continue your studies in Australia after receiving your master’s, do start making preparations now.

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