Switzerland Your Perfect Student Destination for Studying Abroad

Switzerland Your Perfect Student Destination for Studying Abroad

Switzerland, until now, was known for its cheese, wristwatches, beautiful landscapes, and as a tourist destination too. But today’s blog is all about how Switzerland is going to be your perfect student destination for studying abroad. The universities in Switzerland do not fall short when it comes to providing world-class higher education and cater the demands of the international students in terms of the courses that they want to pursue and the post study benefits as well.

Well, beginning with talking about the system of higher education in Switzerland, the Universities are basically divided into 3 categories as per the courses that they offer. 1. Private Universities. 2. Public Universities. 3. University of Applied Sciences.

Public Universities such the University of Bern, ranked at 120th in QS World University Rankings 2023, ETH Zurich, Ranked at 9th in the same records, which proves the fact that the country serves the International Students with high quality of education as compared to other mainstream countries like UK, Canada, and U.S.A. Private Universities such as IMD Business School and Rushford Business School, also compete equally with the Private universities when it comes to the quality of courses and higher education. University of Applied Sciences such as Zurich University of Applied Sciences, which was established back in 1874, has been maintaining its reputation through the courses they are providing.

The tuition fee: the Public Universities charge around 1000-3000 EUR/year for a bachelor’s degree, while for masters, it can cost you about 1500-3000 EUR/year. However, Private universities can charge you up to 15,000-30,000 EUR/year depending on the course that you are enrolling for. But the Private Universities and institutions do provide financial aid to the deserving students through diverse scholarships and bursaries.

Another interesting fact about studying in Switzerland is that these reputed universities have multiple campuses across Europe, let’s say Rushford Business School has its Campus located in both Switzerland and Germany. And the students enrolling at either of the campuses can migrate to the other one later, during the course of their degrees. Isn’t this amazing? As you would get to learn and experience two different cultures while being enrolled at a single university or an institution.

The living expenses in Switzerland also fall under very economic budget and are super affordable for the students living there, especially, given the fact that they would be having quality jobs for part-time which can help them to cover their day-to-day expenses of living in Switzerland. The minimum pay rate for each hour is around 20-22 CHF which can go up to 40-45 CHF/hour depending on the kind of the jobs and the city that you are choosing to live in.

The post-study opportunities in Switzerland is also one of the reasons why the country has been gaining so much popularity among the International Students. The Swiss Government is looking forward to hiring foreign talent, especially, the individuals who have migrated to Switzerland to study.

The student mobility patterns have been showing that the no. of Indian students looking to study in Europe, especially in Switzerland, has increased dramatically over a decade, and in the near future, Switzerland will also be ranked as one of the top study destinations for Indian students around the world. As per the recent trends, more than 25,000 Indians have been living there and leading a successful career as well as life. Jobs such as IT, Engineers, Hospitality jobs and Business Development are some of the popular and frequent vacancies for the students who want to stay back in the country.

If you have managed to read the blog till the end, you must be quite familiar with all the basic information that a student needs regarding Switzerland. For further information and guidance to study in Switzerland, contact myglobaluni for a smooth and speedy student visa process.

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