Why You Should Study in Dublin

Why You Should Study in Dublin

So, you have chosen to study in Ireland, now the next big question is, Which city, precisely. When it comes to choosing the city in your favourite study abroad destination, you must be considering certain factors such as the availability of accommodation, the availability of part-time jobs, the people, the culture, the restaurants and cafes to eat at, places to explore and travel to, and many other things. This blog is going to be your go-to guide for your study abroad plans in Ireland, specifically in Dublin.

Beginning with the most prominent and most important criteria of why you should study in Dublin, out of all the cities in Ireland, is because it stands at the 37th position in the world for being the best student city for the international students as per the QS Best Student City 2023 records. After all, checking for the rankings of your favourite university is not enough, you must check where your targeted city is ranked at.

The next best thing about Dublin is the fact it is home to literally some of the best universities in the World. Be it Dublin Business School, Trinity College Dublin, or maybe University College Dublin, all of these universities hold decent ranks in the QS ranks and so on and so forth, all the study abroad aspirants must be aware of this fact.

University World University Ranking
Trinity College Dublin 98th
University College Dublin 181st
Griffith College Ireland 201st
Dublin City University 471st
Technological University Dublin 801st
Dublin Business School 244th

Talking about the availability of part-time jobs, more than 32,000 part-time jobs are available in Dublin, at this very moment, which must be assuring for you as a student as we all know that working part-time is one important aspect considered by all the study abroad aspirants. And if we talk about the minimum pay scale of per hour, it still rounds up to 18 – 20 €, which is far better than any other city for studying in Ireland.

The next up in the line is the accommodation, most definitely, and finding an affordable accommodation in a city like Dublin may seem challenging for the students at times but it is nothing which could not be managed. The accommodations in Dublin start from as cheaper rates as 150 €/ week and can go up to 2000 €/ week. And it truly depends on the kind of accommodation you pick, the no. of people you share it with, the kind of facilities the place has and how close it is to your university.

When we talk about the culture and things to do while studying in Ireland, one can’t resist but socialise, and explore the city and the country, especially a country like Ireland which is booming with culture, lively people, Irish music and folk dances, the bars and pubs, places to eat and beautiful cities such as Galway, Cork, Waterford and Belfast. So, dear applicants, if you are looking forward to studying abroad for your higher studies, Ireland will not only serve you with the quality education at the best prices but will also let you study in some of the top-tier student cities such as Dublin.

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