Job opportunities for students planning to study in Switzerland

Job opportunities for students planning to study in Switzerland

Working while studying abroad in Switzerland is something which a student looks forward to when applying to any university for any course. Regarding this, we want to highlight the fact that Switzerland is one of those countries whose unemployment rates are all-time low and students can easily locate a part-time job. After all, the country’s economy and the per capita trends based on the inflation rates are the key indicators to determine the job trends in a country. Through this blog, you will get to know about all the job opportunities for students planning to study in Switzerland.

Firstly talking about the basic pay scale for any part-time job in Switzerland, one can earn up to 20-25 CHF/hour, there are cities like Geneva, Zurich and Bern which can help a student to earn more than this amount, and there are just so many job portals which post regularly about the availability of the part-time jobs in the localities.

Some of the famous job portals that students can refer to for part-time job opportunities are GoStudent,, jobstairs, GrabJobs, JobScout24 and many more. Another way for the students to hunt for part-time jobs is to search for them in the local newspapers, pamphlets and leaflets, recruitment agencies, growing connections with potential employers and asking the local vendors too.

There can be multiple on-campus and off-campus kinds of jobs. Part-time jobs such as call centre agents, freelancers, tour guides, English tutors, and library assistants are available off-campus and jobs such as Laboratory assistant, Tech support staff, and administrative staff are available on the university campuses itself. Students are required to pursue a part-time internship studying in Switzerland. Furthermore, this will help them to gain professional exposure to the industry of their choice and for this criteria, the Swiss university chosen by the student has to confirm that this is a part of their study programme and must not take more than half of the duration of their degree.

EU/EFTA students do not have any kind of restrictions but according to the 6 months residence rule, international students coming from a non-EU background have to spend 6 months without any kind of part-time job support and after that, they will be eligible to work for 15 hours per week during the term time and full time during the semester breaks.

However, there are some job sectors which require skilled and experienced professionals due to the dire need of the country for such professionals to fill positions. These sectors include banking, finance, management consulting, healthcare, and pharmaceutical. Switzerland is a tourist destination, tourists come in all throughout the year and hence the reason why the tourism and hospitality sector is one of the most important ones for the country’s overall GDP and economic growth. Students will find jobs in this sector comparatively more than any other ones but wages per hour might vary depending on the type of the city and the company.

In conclusion, if you are wondering what kind of part-time jobs to pursue, what will be the wages and the availability of jobs, you need not worry at all because studying in Switzerland is going to be beneficial for you during your studies and after you graduate from any Swiss university.

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