Here is why Aberdeen is the perfect city for your study abroad plans

Here is why Aberdeen is the perfect city for your study abroad plans

As the name of the blog suggests, the city of Aberdeen is one of the best student cities around the world for international students. This is one of the reasons why the UK has become one of the top study destinations in the world. Aberdeen is also one of the safest cities to live and study in the UK. With a low population, as compared to other metropolitan cities in the UK, such as London, the living expenses are much cheaper, and the availability of part-time jobs is easier too. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

Some fascinating facts about Aberdeen:

  • Third largest city in the UK
  • Known as “granite city”
  • The oldest press and journal operation in the UK was established in Aberdeen.
  • Home to some famous clubs such as Babylon.
  • Home to some of the oldest universities dating back to the 15th century.
  • Goes by the nickname “the silver city”

This blog will cover the major reasons why Aberdeen could be your perfect place to study in the UK as an international student, afterall, selecting the right country is not enough, but choosing the right city for your overseas education is equally crucial.

One of the best student cities listed in the 2023 records of QS  Best Student Cities in the world. The city is typically ranked at 68th position and  an added advantage of living and studying in Aberdeen is that the cost of living is just £607 and roughly £1100 including the rent, per month which makes it 58% cheaper than living in the cities like London and Manchester.

The Average annual salary that one can make while living in Aberdeen is £20,897, as per the reviews posted by the students on Glassdoor, who are already living and studying in Aberdeen. As per famous resources such as paymentsense, the city has gained the title for the best UK city to launch a business start-up, due to the flourished networks in textiles, fishing, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, architecture, and many other such industries.

Exposure to the best UK universities for international students: when talking about Aberdeen, one can not miss out on talking about the kind of the education standards it provides for the international students. The two universities of Aberdeen are listed in QS World University Rankings. These universities are:

  1. The University of Aberdeen
  2. Robert Gordon University

The University of Aberdeen is one of the 5 oldest UK universities which was established back in 1495! Yes, that old of a University. You must now imagine the reputation the university must be having in the UK. The University of Aberdeen has gained following rankings:

  • 220th rank in QS World University Rankings 2023.
  • National rank 37th as per The Complete University Guide 2023
  • Student satisfaction rate is of 80% and the employability rate is 72%
  • Offers 421 courses for the international students to choose from

The annual fee structure for an undergraduate student is £22,800, excluding the NHS health surcharge and the living expense that a student must maintain as per the UKVI guidelines. While for postgraduate-taught students, it is £17,900/annum.

The facilities at the university include:

  • Computer Aided Design Laboratory for the engineering students.
  • Electronics, Optics, Power Systems and Laser Laboratories
  • High performance computing for learning and research.
    Research facilities for psychological tests such as brain imaging and face-processing data.
  • Aberdeen Centre for Electron Microscopy, Analysis and Characterisation.
  • Aquarium Facility and Environmental Analytics.
  • Mechanic labs for fluid, soil, and structural mechanics.
  • Wolfson reading rooms and libraries for literary sources.
  • Zoology museums for archaeological studies and interpretation.

Talking about Robert Gordon University, it is a vibrant and dynamic environment, with modern facilities and innovative spaces designed for learning, collaboration, and social interaction. The campus is spread over several buildings and offers a mix of traditional and contemporary architecture that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Robert Gordon University has an excellent reputation both in the UK and internationally, consistently ranking highly in a range of university league tables.

  • In the 2022 Guardian, RGU was ranked 26th out of 121 UK universities.
  • In Complete University Guide 2022, the university was at 59th rank out of 130 UK universities.
  • The QS World University Rankings 2023 has placed the university at 801st position, globally.
  • The student satisfaction is 80% while the employability rate is 70%.
  • Times Higher Education’s Global University Employability Ranking, where RGU was ranked in the top 150 universities worldwide for graduate employability.

The academic tuition fees for international students applying for any UG courses is about £16,000, while for those applying for the PG courses, the tuition fee per annum is about £14,130. The university also provides world class facilities to the students such as

  • JANET Communication and other software applications,
  • CampusMoodle for the online learning,
  • Analytical and cell culture labs for health sciences
  • Forensic Imaging lab
  • Physiotherapy and radiography suite
  • Cisco and cyber security labs
  • Digital and high spec IT suites
  • Multimedia and TV Suite.

So these are the reasons that make Aberdeen a perfect city for the international students to live, study and gain the memorable and life-long experiences. So if you are someone with a tight budget but you do not want to drop your plans to study in the UK, Aberdeen could be just the right place for you.

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