5 cheapest UK Universities to apply

5 cheapest UK Universities to apply

Who does not want an easy and affordable higher education abroad!

Especially when it comes to a country where there are endless opportunities for international students to connect and grow in their professions and life. The United Kingdom is one of those countries, which provides an individual, as a student, unlimited advantages of studying and living in the United Kingdom. And through this blog, we will look into how the UK is the cheapest and most affordable choice as a study destination for Indian students.

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Is the UK an appropriate study destination?

Cheap Universities to apply at and the average tuition fee


Is the UK an appropriate study-abroad destination?

The answer to this might vary from individual to individual. But if we look at the aspects such as the UK is the only study abroad destination for international students having the lowest possible visa processing time. And all of this comes with the great and added benefit of studying at an affordable tuition fee, without compromising the quality of education.

Since all the public universities are providing degrees which are accredited by reputed bodies, the student gets an advantage of preference amongst the employers. And even if the course fee, somehow, is out of your budget, you still are eligible to apply for the numerous scholarships that your targeted universities will be providing.

And just like this, there are just about unlimited advantages to studying in the UK. Furthermore, we will get to know how to save your money by applying to some of the cheapest universities in the UK.

Cheap Universities to begin your application with

  1. Teesside University: Established in 1930 and located in Middlesbrough, the university stands at the 80th position as per the Guardian 2023. Teesside University is currently hosting a student body of 21,000 students.


Undergraduate Degree £15,000
Integrated Master’s Final Year £15,000
Postgraduate taught degree (MSc/MA) one-year £15,000
Postgraduate taught degree (MSc/MA) two-years £18,000 (£9,000 per year)
MBA one-year, full-time £14,300
  1. University of Cumbria: The university of Cumbria was established in the year of 2007 and is a famous public university with a national ranking of 115th. For even further ease and convenience of the prospective international students, the University has arranged affordable accommodation for them, starting from £80-£93/week.
Undergraduate Degree £ 13,575
Postgraduate taught degree (MSc/MA) one-year £ 13,575
MBA one-year, full-time £15,575
  1. Leeds Trinity University: Gained its university title in 2012, but has been serving the international community of students with an abundance of advantages, the University is now hosting about 5000 students.

Furthermore, the Guardian 2023 has placed the university in 113th position, nationally, despite being such a young university in the UK. Undoubtedly, you can’t go wrong with this one option if you have a tight budget for your tuition fee.

Undergraduate Degree £12,000
MA International Business £12,500
Postgraduate taught degree (MSc/MA) two-years £18,000 (£9,000 per year)
MBA one-year, full-time £12,500
Any post-graduate degree (one-year program) £12,500
  1. University of Sunderland: the university has pushed its Guardian rank from the 92nd position to the 50th this year, compared to 2022 rankings and when we refer to the cheap and affordable universities of the UK, the University of Sunderland has to be there on the list.

The University currently has a student body of 27,500 students and gained its university entitlement in 1992.

Undergraduate Degree £14,000
MBA one-year, full-time £13,000
Any post-graduate degree (2-year program) £8,000 per year
  1. University of Suffolk: Currently ranked at the 69th position on Guardian 2023 ranking, the university finally was established in 2007. The current student enrollment of the university is 5000 and has been serving its students with a global network of employers and entrepreneurs.
Undergraduate Degree £11,790 per year
Postgraduate taught degree  £13,330


  1. What are the courses that these universities offer?

All of these universities are well established for at least 12-15 years and have been serving international students with courses in all the major fields such as science, technology, engineering, nursing, management, teaching and a few others. To find out the perfect course for your profile, speak to myglobaluni’s student counsellors.

  1. What are my chances of scholarships?

The chances to avail of scholarships for you is to apply as soon as possible because the chances of getting an early bird discount are higher at the time when the applications begin than the time when applied a little late.

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