Top 5 Courses for international students to study in New Zealand for 2023

Top 5 Courses for international students to study in New Zealand for 2023

With the ease of a developed nation and the allure of serene and beautiful countryside, New Zealand has an edge over other nations as a destination for education. From excitement and adventure to tranquillity, relaxation, peace, and enjoyment, New Zealand is the perfect adventure playground.

International students could lead an interesting and exciting life in New Zealand. Additionally, the academic advantages of elite education, are degrees from prestigious universities. New Zealand is a terrific destination to live as a student because of the tranquil countryside and beautiful surroundings. Student life there is exciting and entertaining. We’ll look at the top educational field opted for by international students for further education in New Zealand in this article. –

Business– In New Zealand, business is the most popular and frequently chosen major. In the modern world, business has emerged as the most important and necessary sector. The business course, more specifically an MBA focuses on teaching the students to think critically, analyze, identify problems and come up with workable and creative solutions for the same. In New Zealand, students are increasingly choosing to major in business. Many individuals are drawn to the area because of the superb schools. Additionally, because some of the colleges in the nation provide scholarships, it is a more affordable option for those who want to receive an international education for less money. Additionally, New Zealand’s economy is currently growing continuously, therefore there are more prospects than ever.

The top 3 universities in New Zealand to pursue a Business degree from are-

  1. The University of Auckland’s Business School
  2. Victoria University of Wellington’s – Wellington School of Business and Government
  3. University of Otago’s – Otago Business School

Nursing– Nursing involves more than just looking after patients and helping them feel better; nurses also have the knowledge and abilities to teach patients’ loved ones how to manage their health. Since there is a high demand for qualified nurses from New Zealand internationally, nursing is one of the most rewarding jobs and sought-after courses in New Zealand. Universities in New Zealand do not have an age restriction for nursing students, and there are few requirements for entrance. In comparison to Canada, the UK, and the USA, nursing programme fees are also significantly lower in Australia. Studying nursing in New Zealand also makes it easier to obtain a visa for the UK or Australia.

The top 3 universities in New Zealand to pursue a Nursing degree from are-

  1. The University of Auckland’s School of Nursing
  2. Massey University’s School of Nursing
  3. Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Engineering– Engineering always has remained to be the topmost choice for a humongous section of the youth. It in itself has evolved over the past years and has resulted in the birth of diverse fields of engineering like computer engineering, software engineering, mechatronics engineering, genetic engineering, etc. Engineering courses in New Zealand’s universities provide state-of-the-art facilities and small-sized classrooms that enable the teachers to dedicate personal attention to each student in the class. Engineering programmes in New Zealand are cutting-edge and flourishing, putting students in contact with businesses. Universities also rely on their cutting-edge technologies and research skills. As a result of the country’s significant demand for infrastructure and facility development, New Zealand has heavily invested in engineering programmes, opening up several internship and employment chances for the students.

The top 3 universities in New Zealand to pursue an Engineering degree from are-

  1. The University of Auckland
  2. Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
  3. The University of Canterbury

Tourism & Hospitality Management- A completely unique field of study, Tourism is gaining immense importance in today’s day and age. People have started travelling, camping, and visiting countries and places quite often in order to take a break from the work. This has given the tourist sector a significant boost and created a wide range of chances for people looking to work in the sector. The tourism course offered in New Zealand not only focuses on the theoretical aspect but also addresses the current happenings in the industry and trains the students accordingly.

Along with tourism, the hospitality sector is one that is expanding quickly. The Hospitality Management program in New Zealand enables students to develop workplace skills, and gain hands-on industry experience and knowledge, which prepares the students to confidently step into the real world. Students here will be trained under highly experienced industry professionals who will give them insights into the industry in detail.

The top 3 universities in New Zealand to pursue a Tourism & Hospitality Management degree from are-

  1. The Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
  2. The University of Otago
  3. The University of Waikato

Information Technology (IT)- The universities in New Zealand that offer Information Technology provide students with highly qualified faculty, valuable facilities, user equipment, and much more that leads to students’ fulfilled learning experience. Many useful and important abilities, such as critical analysis, problem-solving, creativity, adaptability, time management, teamwork, etc., are taught and developed by the students here. The universities in New Zealand provide a range of IT programmes and are highly regarded internationally. Additionally, the technology sector offers students an outstanding staff, priceless facilities, beneficial equipment, and much more, ensuring that they have a fulfilling educational experience. The IT course explores a variety of concepts, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, software programming in general, cyber security, digital libraries, and many others.

The top 3 universities in New Zealand to pursue an Information technology degree from are-

  1. The University of Auckland
  2. The university of Canterbury
  3. The University of Waikato

Because of the high standard of living and education in New Zealand, it is one of the most popular study-abroad locations. In addition to these, students benefit from their New Zealand credentials being recognised internationally. The universities in New Zealand provide a wide range of excellent courses, making it one of the greatest and most desirable locations for students seeking to graduate in a variety of subjects.

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