Study Abroad United Kingdom: Everything you need to know about the UK’S CAS Letter

A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies letter, also known as a CAS letter, is one of the most significant documents a student needs to study in the UK. The university you have been admitted to issues the UK CAS letter, which is necessary for a Tier 4 student visa. The letter gives the tss and Immigration (UKVI) department information about the student, the selected programme, and the university. It is valid for six months from the date of issuance. Therefore, as a student hoping to study in the UK, if you are also interested in learning everything there is to know about the CAS letter UK, this blog will give you all the details-

What is a CAS Letter?

The need for obtaining a UK student visa is a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter. International students must get a General student visa in order to study in the UK (Tier 4). However, you won’t be given a student visa if you don’t have a CAS letter. A student’s CAS number is a special reference number given to them by the university they are applying to. Your “immigration sponsor,” who will give you the CAS number, in this case is the college or university where you are enrolled. The university will send you an electronic copy of the CAS letter at the email address you provided during the application procedure. The CAS number will be on the letter, and you must include it in your visa application.

The CAS letter is thorough and gives UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) in-depth information on your candidacy, the programme you’ve chosen, and the university. The following information can also be found in the letter in addition to the 14-digit CAS number:

  • Licence number for the sponsoring university.
  • Your course’s name.
  • Your course’s beginning and ending dates.
  • The cost of the course’s tuition.
  • The amount of your tuition price that you have already paid.
  • The sum that you paid for accommodation
  • IELTS or TOEFL results.

Why Do Visa Officials Need the CAS Number?

Actually, a CAS number serves as evidence that you have been extended an unconditional offer by the university. This number is used by the visa official to verify that you have been admitted to the UK university and to begin the process of issuing a general student visa. Your visa application will be turned down if it turns out that the university’s number differs from the details you provided in your application.

Why is a CAS Letter important? 

A CAS letter, which confirms that a student has been given an unconditional offer to study at a particular university, is a crucial document used to apply for a student visa. In order to obtain a valid student visa and move to the university to enrol in their full-time degree, students must either ask for a CAS letter from the university or receive one from the university. Each applicant is given a special CAS number, which the visa officer uses to determine whether or not the applicant has received an unconditional offer.

How to Apply for a CAS Letter?

The university issues a CAS letter and number to international students who have accepted the offer from the school and paid the required deposit for the programme. Students can begin the student visa application process once they have the CAS letter in hand. Following the acceptance of the offer, each UK university has its own process. The university contacts UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) on the student’s behalf to request the CAS number and to confirm that the student has been admitted to study there. The university receives the CAS number from UKVI, and the student receives it from the university.

How do I obtain a UK CAS letter?

Different universities have different procedures for obtaining CAS letters from UK universities. When a student accepts their offer and pays the necessary cost, many UK universities immediately send out the letter. These universities affirm that a student has been approved to study at the university by contacting UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for a CAS number on the student’s behalf. Following that, UKVI provides the institution with the CAS number, which the university then provides to the impacted student.

Students must submit their CAS request using the Online Student Information System at several other universities, such as Kingston University (OSIS). In this situation, you must take the subsequent actions.

Steps to Request a UK CAS Letter:

Six months before the start of your course, you can submit an OSIS request for a CAS letter UK. The following 3 actions must be followed by a student in order to obtain a CAS Letter:

Step 1: Log into the OSIS website

Logging onto the OSIS platform and uploading the supporting papers is the first step. During the procedure, the following information will be requested-

  • If you have ever had a UK visa denied, please include a scanned copy of the notice, if any.
  • If you have any pending applications with the UKVI
  • If a government, organisation, or scholarship is paying for all or a portion of your education
  • Financial records, such as student loan information and bank statement details.
  • An Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) Certificate is required if you are enrolled in any specified science or engineering degree.
  • UKVI requires you to have a tuberculosis test that has been cleared.

Step 2: CAS Information’s draft has been approved

  • You will receive a message after your CAS rough draft is finished letting you know if the information listed there is accurate or not.
  • To check against your CAS request record, go to the “Visa Page” on OSIS and choose the “View Draft” option.
  • By approving your draft CAS, carefully review and verify the material.

Step 3: Issuance of the CAS Letter 

Following your CAS draft’s clearance, the team will double-check all the pertinent information and supporting materials. Following the completion of the clearing, you will receive a final CAS statement through email, which you can use to quickly apply for a UK student visa.

What Does the CAS Statement Contain?

Each of the student’s personal information and information about the university’s programme are included in a CAS letter in the UK-

  • The length of the courses from the start date to the end date
  • Name of the university you have registered in
  • Course you have registered in
  • The first-year tuition fees for the applicable course under a recognized UK university
  • Tuition fees paid by you to the University
  • English proficiency courses such as TOEFL and IELTS
  • Any accommodation fees if you have already paid
  • 14 digit reference number for CAS

What is the processing time for UK CAS letters?

The UK universities have not established a set period of time for processing CAS letters. The university issues the letters based on the date when the application form was submitted. As a result, you might receive the CAS letter as soon as you submit your application.

After you accept the university’s offer, the institutions will check the necessary paperwork and email you a CAS letter. After verifying the information in the statement, the majority of colleges typically require up to 10 days to send the CAS Number. You can get in touch with the admissions committee if you don’t get the CAS Number in 20 days.

When will the University issue the CAS Number? 

Before diving into the details, it’s critical to establish if students must submit a request or independently apply for the CAS letter. Your choice of university will determine this. Students are required to submit a request for the CAS number to several universities, like Kingston. The CAS number, on the other hand, is sent to you directly from the University of Nottingham. In this situation, applicants are not required to file a request for the CAS number. You must thus visit the university’s website to learn about its CAS procedure before enrolling. When you accept the university’s unconditional offer, they will provide you a CAS number, or you can obtain one yourself.

  • You’ve paid the necessary deposit to secure your place at the school.
  • The start date of the course you’ve applied for is fewer than three months away.

How is the CAS sent by the university?

We will now look at the manner in which the university sends the CAS letter. Although each university has its unique method for sending the CAS number, this is normally how it works-

  • On the ID you used to apply for admission, the university will initially send you an email.
  • You will be prompted to log in via the provided link in the email.
  • Once you’ve logged in, there ought to be a check-CAS statement option on the dashboard. When requesting a CAS number, for instance, you could be required to produce additional documentation in addition to your academic credentials, financial records, a TB certificate, and an ATAS certification. Following the submission of the documents, you will receive the link to your CAS statement.
  • When you click the link, your CAS statement—which contains vital information about your admission—will display. Additionally, you could be requested to complete the statement’s details.
  • You will then be required to confirm that all of the data on your CAS statement is accurate.
  • Send the admissions authorities an email outlining the errors and corrections if the information provided in the CAS statement is false.
  • You will receive another email once you have confirmed, provided the necessary information, and submitted the statement.
  • The final CAS statement and the CAS number will be included in this email. The email can instruct you to access your account in order to view the CAS number.
  • Although the CAS statement is not required and you only need to enter the CAS number in the visa application, it is nevertheless advisable to print out the statement and retain it for future use.

When are CAS letters issued?

After a student accepts an offer and completes all other prerequisites, the CAS letter is given out. A unique CAS number, course information, and personal information will all be included in the letter. CAS is a significant document, but the time it takes a university to issue one is not set in stone.

What Should I Do If My CAS Letter Is Delayed?

International students are given CAS numbers four months prior to the start of the programme so they have enough time to apply for a student visa and make travel arrangements. International students can get in touch with the university to learn more about the delay in their CAS letter.

Does CAS Matter for a UK Visa?

You do not need to submit your CAS Statement while applying for a visa, but you will need to use the information to complete the form. The links in your CAS Statement that lead to more useful information should be read.

What is a UK CAS Interview?

You must appear for the Pre CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) Interview, which is the initial interview. The university’s admissions office manages it. You must ace the pre-cas interview to be accepted into a UK college or university.

CAS Requirements 

It is crucial to submit some papers during the application procedure in order to receive the CAS letter without any problems. You must produce transcripts or mark sheets from the most recent PG or UG course you took in addition to an updated passport. Verify that all of the documents are legitimate and include the appropriate credentials. Your CSA number will be given once the documents have been verified.

If the application for the visa is rejected, what happens to the CAS number?

You cannot utilise the previous CAS number if your visa application is denied. You must submit an application for a new CAS number. You must speak with the university’s international student assistance staff or admissions committee and explain your situation in order to receive a new CAS number. If a new CAS number can be allocated to you, an advisor will let you know in a follow-up email. You will have to repeat the above processes to obtain the visa if a new CAS number is given to you.

Validity of the CAS Letter

The CAS letter has a validity period. If you don’t use it by the deadline, you risk losing the opportunity to study abroad for that particular session. Even though the letter is good for six months, you can only use it three months before the course actually starts.

What Should You Do If You Have Several CAS Letters From Various Universities?

In the UK, you can get CAS letters from many universities. If you do receive CAS letters from several universities, you must choose which one you want to attend and use its CAS letter when requesting a UK student visa. There can only be one CAS letter used to apply for a student visa. You can travel to the UK and enrol in the university that issued your CAS letter once you have your student visa.

After receiving a CAS number, how can I apply for a student visa?

You must go in the following order to obtain the General Student Visa after receiving the Confirmation of Acceptance Studies Number-

  • Visit the UK Visa Immigration Services website, complete the tier-4 application process, and correctly enter your CAS number and other crucial information.
  • Pay the application fee and the health insurance premium for immigrants.
  • To obtain a biometric residence permit, schedule a biometric appointment with any biometric application number.
  • A biometrics appointment should be attended. A passport, financial documentation, and the results of a TB test must all be brought with you to your appointment as proof of your eligibility. The CAS statement is typically not necessary, but just to be cautious, as was also noted above, preserve a printout of the CAS letter.
  • You might or might not have to show up for the credibility interview. If you are requested to, kindly comply.
  • If your visa has been approved or denied, the home office will contact you with the final decision. The typical processing period for student visas in the UK is three weeks.

Important Aspects to keep in mind regarding the CAS Number

  • Getting a CAS number does not ensure that a visa will be issued.
  • If there is insufficient time for the processing of the CAS letter, the university maintains the right to refuse to issue a CAS.
  • If the student cannot provide evidence of sufficient cash, the CAS letter may not be provided.
  • The CAS number will be withheld if fraudulent or incorrect/invalid documents are submitted.
  • If you send your request for a CAS letter after the deadline, you won’t get one if you need one. Typically, the request must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the start of the course.

Thus, one of the most crucial documents you require to realise your ambition of attending college in the UK is a CAS letter. Make sure to apply to different universities, and strive to obtain several CAS letters. Once you get the letters, you can choose the university that best meets your criteria and use its CAS letter when applying for a student visa.

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