Pursue a Pre-masters Programme from Study Abroad Australia

Pursue a Pre-masters Programme from Study Abroad Australia

Study in a country that has produced more than 2.5 million graduates worldwide and raises the bar for international education. Earn high-quality degrees from renowned universities recognized worldwide. By participating in placements and internships, you can improve your career prospects, connect with employers around the world, and succeed in the global job market. Feel at home and inspired in some of the most liveable cities in the world, home to people of many different ethnicities and cultures. Study in Australia, which has the highest percentage of university graduates in the world. The country also continues to record high education and literacy rates. Australia has a top-notch educational system that provides high-quality at affordable and reasonable fees.

With each passing year, Australia continues to be a favorite choice among international students with many pursuing a Pre-master’s Programme from Study Abroad Australia. For some international students, a pre-master’s programme could be an entirely new notion. Indeed, deciding to continue your education is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. But when you’re changing careers, going back to school after a sabbatical, or applying for a master’s degree, it might be difficult. When submitting an application to study abroad, the admissions requirements are the first thing that spring to mind. In an effort to fulfil the entry requirements to study at the graduate or postgraduate level, students browse the websites of universities. But regrettably, some international students frequently encounter the problem of not meeting the eligibility requirements. The best course of action for you in this circumstance is to join a pre-master’s programme.

In this blog, we will explore Pre-master’s Programme in Study Abroad Australia and its many details.

What’s a pre-master’s course?

The pre-degree master’s is a preparation programme that you complete after earning your bachelor’s and before beginning your master’s, as its name implies.

Why apply for a pre-master’s program?

Thousands of students from all over the world submit applications each year in an effort to improve their academic abilities by attending an Australian institution. However, not all of them successfully fulfil the admission requirements. Some people choose to change their area of study after deciding their undergraduate studies weren’t really a fit for it. Others wish they could have a firmer foundation before beginning a master’s programme, while others lack the level of English language skills necessary for advanced-level courses offered in English. A pre-master’s programme is appropriate for you if you fit into any of these categories.

The purpose of a pre-master’s programme is to give overseas students a solid foundation before beginning their postgraduate degrees. Students that take such a course leave with the academic knowledge and practical skills required for a particular field of study. Students take classes that sharpen their academic writing abilities, enhance their language abilities, and acquaint them with academic jargon before beginning a complete degree. A pre-master’s programme is actually designed to cater to the individual demands of the students. It could be an academic subject-related course or instruction in the English language. Such a programme frequently consists of a 12-month maximum short-term course.

What qualifications are required for a pre-master’s programme?

For international students who are unable to fulfil the entry requirements of their preferred educational institutions, a pre-course master’s is nothing short of a blessing. But you must also fulfil specific conditions to enrol in a pre-master’s programme.

While entrance requirements for the pre-master’s programme in Australia may differ from one institution to the next, the following are some typical items you might encounter-

  • Accredited university degree in your field of interest
  • A recognized degree in your field of interest.
  • A degree with honours in any field.
  • A two-term pre-master’s programme requires a minimum IELTS band of 5.5 or equivalent, while a three-term pre-master’s programme requires a minimum IELTS band of 5.0 or equivalent.

Advantages of pursuing a pre-master’s programme from Study Abroad Australia 

In Australia earning a master’s degree takes a significant commitment of time and effort. Even while you may have earned strong grades on your undergraduate transcript, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to thrive in the challenging and intensely competitive industry. Additionally, if you’re returning to your studies after a sabbatical, it’s critical to fill in any knowledge gaps.

Preparation in terms of the subject matter is one of the main benefits of a pre-master’s course. You’ll feel more motivated and self-assured as you work toward your objective once you realise that you have all the resources necessary to earn that full-time degree. Your scholastic journey will go much more smoothly if you can grasp complex concepts with ease thanks to the development of a solid conceptual foundation.

Additionally, you would have had plenty of practice writing academic essays, theses, and research papers during your pre-study. master’s This will free your mind from having to worry about the time and work required to write a research report, allowing you to entirely concentrate on your research. The technical abilities you get in a pre-programme master’s will be useful to you as a master’s student.

Such a course would give you the opportunity to spend time learning about Australia’s surroundings, culture, and way of life. When you are studying abroad by yourself, it is normal to experience culture shock or homesickness. You can adjust and adapt while taking a pre-master’s course prior to the start of your degree.

Top Institutes in Study Abroad Australia for Pre-masters Programmes

  • International College of Management Sydney (ICMS)’s Pre-masters Business and Management Courses

A route to postgraduate education is the Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP). The PQP will assist you in building the fundamental abilities required for success in postgraduate study by fusing academic and English language courses. After successfully completing the PQP, which is provided by the Aspire Institute, you can enrol in one of the following Master’s degree courses at ICMS with credit:

  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Management
  • Master of Management (Tourism and Hospitality)

Four (4) academic subjects, including English language development, will be completed by you. As you advance, you’ll have earned a portion of your Master’s degree in addition to getting a taste of postgraduate management study.

  • Swinburne University’s Pre-masters in Business and Management Courses

The Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP) prepares students for postgraduate study at Swinburne who do not meet the university’s English language and/or academic admittance standards. Swinburne will guarantee admission to the first year of a postgraduate degree or double degree upon successful completion of the programme. Students are given the tools they need to succeed in postgraduate study in fields like business administration, marketing, social impact, supply chain innovation, practising accounting, finance and banking, digital business management, financial planning, business information systems, IT, and media and communications by combining English language training with academic studies. The Postgraduate Qualifying Program’s objective is to give students with non-NOOSR-accredited degrees an admission road.

To prepare students for admission to a Swinburne postgraduate coursework program, this programme builds on their prior coursework.

  • La Trobe University’s Pre-masters Business and Management Courses

The Postgraduate Enabling Program (PEP) at La Trobe University gives students who might not meet the academic and/or English requirements for direct entry a way into a variety of La Trobe Master’s courses. PEP is a La Trobe University programme that will be offered in Melbourne and Sydney by La Trobe College Australia. All master’s courses offered at the Sydney Campus and fifteen master’s courses offered in Melbourne are led by this programme.

  • Business Stream
    • Master of Management (HRM)
    • Master of Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
    • Master of Management (Project Management)
    • Master of Business Information Management and Systems
    • Master of Digital Marketing Communications
    • Master of International Business
    • Master of Marketing
    • Master of Financial Analysis
    • Master of Professional Accounting
    • Master of Management
    • Master of Information Technology
    • Master of Management (Supply Chain and Logistics)
  • IT Stream
    • Master of Artificial Intelligence
    • Master of Internet of Things
    • Master of Cybersecurity (Business Operations)
    • Master of Cybersecurity (Computer Science)
    • Master of Data Science
    • Master of Information Technology

A variety of postgraduate coursework programmes in business and information technology are available at La Trobe University through the Postgraduate Enabling Program (PEP). You have the chance to advance in your career, raise your earning potential, discover industry best practices, and widen your professional network by pursuing postgraduate study.

  • Kaplan Business School’s Pre-masters Business and Management Courses

The Postgraduate Qualifying Program, which is intended for students who don’t quite fulfil the entry requirements for a master’s degree, can let you start your postgraduate studies at one of Australia’s top universities faster and with more assurance. Additionally, this course is offered online.

  • Curtin College’s Master Qualifying Program (MQP)

International students with tertiary degrees who are not yet eligible for direct entry into a Master’s degree at Curtin University can enrol in the Master Qualifying Program (MQP), a one-semester, non-award programme at Curtin College.

The focus is on acquiring the abilities required for success at the postgraduate level. Students who successfully complete the specific MQP paths will have the academic credentials and English language proficiency needed to enrol in the designated coursework postgraduate programmes at Curtin University. Successful MQP graduates will also get a one-unit credit exemption for their postgraduate programme at Curtin University. Entry into the master’s programmes at Curtin University-

  • Master of International Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Master of Commerce (Supply Chain Management)
  • Master of Commerce (Marketing)
  • Master of Commerce (Information Systems & Technology)
  • Master of Commerce (Finance)
  • Master of Commerce (Human Resources)
  • Master of Professional Accounting


  • Edith Cowan College (ECPo’s Postgraduate Qualifying Program – Business

The Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP) at Edith Cowan University is a one-semester, non-award programme created for students who already hold tertiary degrees but are not yet eligible for direct entry into master’s programs. Students will graduate from the programme with the knowledge, abilities, and English Language Proficiency (ELP) necessary for admission to the School of Business and Law at ECU’s master’s degree programs.

  • Subjects
    • Managing People and Organisations*
    • Effective Communication
    • Research Methods
    • Post-Graduate Preparation in Critical Thinking
  • Deakin College’s Pre-masters Business and Management Courses

A quality entry point to a few postgraduate business programmes at Deakin University is provided by the Masters Qualifying Program (Business and Law). The focus is on acquiring the abilities required for success at the postgraduate level. The English Language Institute at Deakin College and Deakin University instructs the MQP.

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