myglobaluni Hosts Its First Education Fair; Get the Know-How in How to Apply and Benefits

myglobaluni Hosts Its First Education Fair; Get the Know-How in How to Apply and Benefits

myglobaluni is hosting a virtual education event on March 26, 2022, from 5 pm to 8:30 pm IST, with the event being specially catered towards Indian students, the event aims to help students and universities from overseas connect earlier, and to solve the concern of students and help them connect with their preferred institutions directly, from the comfort of their homes. Students will have the opportunity to privately connect with more than 15 universities from across 3 countries and have all their questions regarding studying abroad answered by the university representatives. myglobaluni’s virtual meet is an online event where students can talk personally by text, audio, or video with senior admission staff of universities and specialized art, design, engineering, and business schools from across the world. Students will have dedicated time to ask any questions about the application procedure and deadlines, the visa process, accommodation options, course costs, campus life, how international education can enhance your career prospects among other queries all in just one short event!

More than 15 universities and colleges from over 3 counties are participating in this event so that students can get all the information to choose the next step in their study abroad program in Australia or New Zealand. Students will have the opportunity to speak with university admission officers, getting an opportunity to get free advice and guidance from them on courses and processes required to study abroad. The event will also help students in learning more about the application process, courses, and programs offered by the universities, visa process, and post-study work opportunities while avoiding the hassle of traveling to the venue and worrying about COVID-19, participants can simply join online through any compatible device. 

A taste of the universities participating- 

  • UNSW
  • Western Sydney University 
  • The University of Melbourne 
  • University of Glasgow 
  • RMIT University 
  • The University of Auckland 
  • UNITEC New Zealand 
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Auckland University


What are the benefits for students to attend myglobaluni’s Virtual Education Event?

  • Complete Guidance and Counselling for students

Many fail to realize their study abroad dreams due to limitations in knowledge and resources, as there is no know-how regarding the application process or even the available study abroad options. Students will get information and guidance in helping them choose the right university.


  • Financial Advice and guidance on Financial structures

High tuition fees and the cost of living involved in studying abroad can be major factors in deciding whether to get enrolled in a foreign university or not. Through this virtual event, students will be presented with numerous opportunities to avail different scholarships or fee waivers on their education programs. They can find in-depth information on different types of relaxation and scholarships that are offered by universities.


  • Students will be able to chat live with university representatives.

When you begin your quest of pursuing higher education, it helps to be as familiar as possible with your program and  degree, through Myglobaluni’s event, students will have the opportunity of chatting one-on-one with the representatives of different universities, who will help students in making their best decision about the university and program options, helping them reach their goals. Students can make their doubts and queries clear regarding admissions, visas, work permits, or the study abroad journey, with all their concerns being addressed by the representatives.


  • Will know their Eligibility.

In order to check if you meet the eligibility criteria for admission to a specific university, there is no way better than to directly communicate with the university representatives. Through this event, experts will help students in understanding their strong areas and areas that need to be worked on so as to create a better student profile.


  • Students will become more aware of their options

By attending the event, students will get to explore a vast number of study-abroad options that match both their potential and interest. Earlier, students might have missed out on the numerous opportunities that otherwise could be easily grabbed, thanks to limited knowledge and restricted access to the available options. With so many international universities attending the event, it is unlikely that students will miss any such opportunities, furthermore, students will also expand their horizons. 


How to attend the virtual education event?

Step 1- Register for free on the Myglobaluni Event Page to book your seat for the event- Check your email and set a calendar reminder for 26 March 2022.

Step 2– You will receive a joining link on your registered email address. Click on the join link on the scheduled date and time.

Step 3- On 22 March 2022 attend the session and interact with over 40 university representatives from more than 15 universities across 3 countries.

Step 4- Solidify your plans- Review your notes and follow up with your favorite institutions.

Step 5- Apply to your top choices of international universities- Study abroad and follow your dreams.

Even after the event is finished, participating students can still contact the institutions they have spoken with. The chat history is saved in the specific events where the chats took place.  Many universities will probably have sent students an email immediately after their chat so they can also talk to them through email. Click on a chat and students can view their rating for the representative, their profile, a booth overview, and even choose to add a note about the conversation they had.  In addition, participating students can also view their chat summaries.  If you click the transcript, students will see the entire text conversation too.


Once the event is finished, with hindsight and a fresh perspective, students can revisit their thoughts and see what truly fascinates them. Perhaps participating students have thought of some new questions that they would like answered. Now they can continue the process by contacting the institution or representative directly – who usually will have given them their contact details or sent students an email..No matter what you decide, taking time to participate in myglobaluni’s virtual meet is an essential step if you are truly serious about finding your perfect overseas course, so register now for myglobaluni’s virtual meet. Remember seats are limited!

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