Excellent news for international students studying in Australia: Post-Study Work Rights Extended to International Students

Excellent news for international students studying in Australia: Post-Study Work Rights Extended to International Students

Jason Clare, Australia’s Minister of Education, announced a post-study work rights extension on September 1, 2022, enabling eligible graduates of international students to remain and work in Australia for an additional two years. This is great news for international students who are studying in Australia or are planning to pursue their study abroad journeys in Australia. International students will now have more time to look for employment in Australia and put their newly acquired degrees to use.

International graduates in work forces where there are actual skill shortages are eligible for the extension. Although qualifying courses have not yet been made public, they will fill current skill gaps in the industry. Accounting, engineering, nursing, and information technology are a few relevant subjects of study that are also popular with international students.

After graduating, foreign students can already reside and work in Australia thanks to the country’s Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485), sometimes referred to as a post-study work visa. According to the Australian Education Ministry, post-study employment privileges are-

1) Some undergraduate degrees will grant international students a four-year work permit after graduation. Right now, it’s two years.

2) After receiving certain postgraduate degrees, students will have five years of professional experience. Three years is the current maximum.

3) Graduates of some PhD programmes will be permitted to work in Australia for up to six years. Right now, it’s four years.

These visa durations will now be extended for graduates in fields where workforce  shortages are confirmed. These additional two years provide qualified student graduates more time to begin their careers and work in their area.

The Australian government is also spending $36.1 million to assist increased demand and shorten visa processing times. This is a fantastic illustration of the nation’s dedication to its foreign students.

International education is a significant industry in Australia that the epidemic has severely damaged. The outcomes of the jobs and skills summit are intended to enhance foreign education and give graduates from Australian universities an opportunity to boost our economy’s productivity, according to Minister for Home Affairs Clare O’Neil.

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