Work hours for international students in Australia will once more be capped starting in July 2023

Work hours for international students in Australia will once more be capped starting in July 2023

Soon, the Australian government will cap the number of hours that international students can work. On June 30, 2023, the ability of those with student visas to work as many hours as they want will expire.

The amount of working hours for overseas students will once again be regulated beginning in July 2023. The amount of hours will be changed in an effort to strike the correct balance between job and study, according to a statement from the Australian government. To solve a labour shortage, the Australian government temporarily loosened the restrictions on working hours for those with student visas in January 2022.

Prior to the adjustment, the weekly employment limit for overseas students was 40 hours.

Australia made the announcement last month that it will expand the post-study work privileges for foreign students in fields where there is a skills deficit. A new law will permit holders of bachelor’s degrees to remain in Australia for four years, master’s degree holders for five years, and PhD holders for six years. International undergraduates are currently permitted to stay in the nation for two years, master’s degree recipients for three years, and doctoral candidates for four years. Although the government has not yet disclosed the degrees covered, indications indicate that nursing, engineering, and IT students will be given precedence.

Australia recently announced a new budget allocation of AUS$36 million that would be used to streamline the visa application process for international students and shorten the time it takes for visa approvals.

Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, there will be a spike in study abroad applications in Australia in the near future as a result of these recent occurrences.

In the post-pandemic environment, the programme is designed to improve and drive social cohesion outcomes. It will feature a 160,000-space planning level.

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