Students who did not get their intended score on the first try will have the option to retake the IELTS for one component starting in March 2023

Students who did not get their intended score on the first try will have the option to retake the IELTS for one component starting in March 2023

If a student does not achieve the desired score on the first attempt, they will have the option to retake one IELTS module starting in March 2023 rather than all four. This will benefit students who performed well on most modules but failed one due to a variety of issues.

First of all, What is the IELTS Examination?

Most people are familiar with the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). It evaluates a person’s ability to communicate in situations where English is the primary language of instruction or employment. The UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are just a few of the important nations that recognise IELTS test results as legitimate. In less than three hours, the test evaluates a person’s speaking, reading, writing, and hearing abilities. Academic and general training are the two components of the IELTS exam. The reading and writing topics differ depending on which test you take, but the speaking and listening questions are the same on both. The Listening, Reading, and Writing components of each IELTS exam are finished on the same day; there are no breaks in between. The entire test lasts two hours and forty minutes.

The IELTS exam, one of the most widely used to gauge English proficiency, is recognised by more than 11,000 universities worldwide. The bulk of people can access it thanks to its more than 1000 test locations distributed over more than 140 countries. In addition to being crucial for applying for jobs or studying abroad, the IELTS exam aids students in developing their spoken and written English. Visa authorities can ensure that applicants can readily converse with the locals and won’t thereafter suffer significant communication challenges by examining applicants’ English proficiency.

The purpose of the IELTS exam is to evaluate candidates in 4 modules at one particular time. They are as follows-

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

The IELTS Exam now offers scores in the form of “bands,” and students are scored in each of the 4 modules on a scale from 0 to 9. Therefore, historically, if a student did not perform well on their test, they have always retaken the full test for all four modules.

However, with the addition of the “One Skill Retake” feature, students can now increase their band score by retaking just one module of the test rather than the entire exam.

How will it work?

It is entirely possible for a candidate to perform well in most modules of the exam while performing poorly in one module due to anxiety, loss of judgement, or a minor error on their part.

Students could be forced to score worse in one module while performing well in others because of this minor inaccuracy. Additionally, they would have to pay a fortune for the retest, show up for all four modules once more, and be required to retake the full exam. Doesn’t that sound time-consuming and exhausting? It most certainly is.

This is the reason behind the new “One Skill Retake” option.

What Is One Skill Retake?

A One Skill Retake trial project was launched in Australia in November 2022 and is scheduled to launch in India in March 2023, however the cost and other specifics have not yet been disclosed. Candidates will now have the option to retake one of the four modules, enabling them to advance more quickly in their educational and professional endeavours.

A second Test Report Form will be provided to applicants who select One Skill Retake during the program’s initial launch phase so they can use it for study and migration-related purposes. The cost of retaking the modules and the number of times a student may do so have not yet been disclosed.

According to Warwick Freeland, Managing Director of IELTS IDP Education, they heard a variety of worries regarding the test-taking students. The students request a second chance to repeat the IELTS exam for just the one section in which they obtained a lower score. The requirements for applying to universities abroad will therefore be more easily met by students. This option is available for students to take in order to get the required band score for admission abroad. Students have the chance to choose this choice in order to achieve the desired band score needed for admission abroad.

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