New Zealand – a perfect Study destination for Indian students

New Zealand – a perfect Study destination for Indian students

New Zealand has become a popular destination for international students who want to pursue higher education. The country offers a diverse range of courses and programs that cater to various interests and career aspirations. There are endless perks of picking New Zealand for your higher studies but to enhance and add on to these perks, picking the most suitable course option is one of the most crucial factors for the applicants. Hence, in this article, we will explore the top 5 courses to study in New Zealand as an international student.

  1. Engineering/engineering management: New Zealand is known for its renowned and advanced engineering programs which not only offer hands-on experience to the students but also a curriculum that is well curated for the students. Some of the popular engineering courses include civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering.

Talking about the entry requirements to get admitted to one of the most chosen courses to study in NZ, the applicants must have the required score in subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The English language requirements will vary from university to university but applicants are advised to have at least an overall score of 6.5 bands in IELTS and 62 in PTE.

As per the recent records of QS World University Rankings 2023, the University of Auckland which is ranked 87th position and 1st in the national rankings is considered to be one of the top universities in New Zealand for international applicants of engineering courses, followed by the University of Canterbury.

  1. Hospitality and Tourism Management: Tourism and hospitality are the two major contributors to the country’s economy which also make it one of the most attractive places to visit for tourists from all around the world. But the universities of the country, such as the University of Auckland, University of Otago, and Massey University, offer such a curriculum which prepares students and equips them with knowledge of the tourism industry. The students can expect to learn about hospitality management, tourism marketing, and sustainable tourism during the tenure of their studies.

The applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements of either having an educational qualification in hospitality and tourism or having a professional experience on their CVs of working in the same industry.

  1. Computer science and technology: New Zealand is known to be a hub of information and technology-related studies, and many of the top-ranked universities do claim that they have technological suites which are well equipped and flourished for the students and prepare them for the digital age. Undoubtedly, CS and IT have become one of the top courses to study in NZ and even more so in 2023, the curriculum of these universities are updated with subjects like data analytics, cybersecurity, software engineering, artificial intelligence and other such specifications.

As per the official website of the University of Auckland, the entry requirements for IT courses for UG applicants is overall 6.0 bands in IELTS and 50 in PTE, and many other universities and IT schools provide admissions on similar scores as well.

  1. Business Administration and Management: the curricula of the business administration and management courses in NZ make it one of the most sought-after degrees by international students. The major reason why international students attend such programs is because of the presence of some of the internationally recognized business schools such as Victoria Business School, Massey university’s Business School, and Unitec’s Business School. These institutions offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in disciplines like finance and accounting, entrepreneurship and innovation, management, and the students are also provided with the opportunities to work on real-life projects.

The minimum grade requirement for these courses is 2.5/4 (equivalent to 60%) must be fulfilled by the applicants along with the required English language proficiency. Apart from the educational qualifications, postgraduate degree applicants are required to have at least 3-5 years of professional experience on their CVs which would make them more eligible for these highly reputed institutions.

  1. Health sciences: one of the perks to study in New Zealand is its amazing health care benefits. Along with these benefits, what makes studying health science one of the top and the most favourite courses to study in New Zealand is the fact that the health service providers need skilled people to serve and the course curricula specifically focus on exposing the students to the business management side of the health care system and provide them with a plethora of opportunities to design their career in health care administration and management.

Some of the popular courses include medicine, nursing, public health, and nutrition which are provided by some of the top-ranked universities such as the University of Otago, Auckland University of technology, and Massey University. The entry requirements which are to be fulfilled by the international students include overall 7.0 bands in IELTS and 65 in PTE along with 1-2 years of professional experience.

From this article, one can easily draw a conclusion that the education system in New Zealand takes special care of the demands of the course options which also makes it a wonderful study destination for students. So, whether you are interested in studying business management, health science, engineering, or want to pursue any IT qualification, New Zealand has got it covered for you with its well-curated and innovative study abroad programs.

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