myglobaluni’s guide to part-time jobs in New Zealand for international students

myglobaluni’s guide to part-time jobs in New Zealand for international students

The challenge that most overseas students share is how to manage their finances while they are studying. While budgeting and saving are important, there is another option that students should think about- taking up part-time work in New Zealand. In order to control their costs, this nation allows international students to work and study at the same time. In New Zealand, working part-time is not merely advantageous financially. You can establish connections with residents outside of your campus thanks to the varied work cultures. As you make new friends and get to know their lives, you feel more at home in the foreign nation.

A variety of part-time employment options are available for students, including waitress, sales assistant, and other positions. With the extra money, students can pay for most of their expenses, including travel charges, investments in extracurricular activities, etc. Therefore, this article addresses everything you need to know about part-time jobs in New Zealand for international students in order to help you grasp this topic better.

Governmental Requirements for International Students to work while studying 

Your right to work may be subject to restrictions if you are studying in New Zealand on a student visa. You must apply for their “Fee Paying Student Visa” if you are an Indian student. International students and people looking for part-time employment are both treated warmly by the New Zealand government. You must abide by the following guidelines if you want to work part-time while completing your coursework in New Zealand:

  • If you are at least 18 years old and have a student visa, you are permitted to work 20 hours per week during the school year.
  • When on a student visa, you can only work 40 hours per week during the summer or on holidays if you are at least 18 years old.
  • Your parents, legal guardian, or education provider must give you permission to work throughout the school year.
  • The number of hours that PhD and master’s by research students can work each week is unrestricted.
  • If working part-time is required for your course, you must first obtain New Zealand Immigration’s approval. Your visa terms will then be amended to reflect this.
  • You must perform employment. One cannot work for oneself.
  • Investment, employment, in sexual. and other similar activities are prohibited for international students.
  • If your annual income is less than NZ$14,000, you must pay 10.5% in taxes.
  • Make sure you obtain the IRD number from the Inland Revenue (New Zealand’s tax division) before you begin working.

You have the freedom to combine your education and employment as an international student with a New Zealand student visa. You will regrettably be deported if you violate any of the restrictions on your student visa or any laws.

Why Should International Students Consider Part-Time Employment in New Zealand?

The excellent part-time work salary in New Zealand for international students is one of the common explanations. There are many part-time employment available in New Zealand for overseas students to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students who work part-time can make money while they are in school. These part-time employment not only make it easier for students to pay for their living expenses but also enable them to network in New Zealand and make new friends.

After college, you frequently experience homesickness. The best approach to prevent it is to engage yourself with something busy, like part-time work. You will also learn discipline and how to manage several tasks at once by juggling your work, studies, and social life.

Additionally, it’s incredibly simple to obtain student jobs in New Zealand. It’s a win-win situation to sign up for part-time employment because it improves their resumes, allows them to socialise, and gives them an extra dollar.

Various Types of Part-Time Work in New Zealand

You are only permitted to work as an employee on your student visa as an international student, per the rules. This states unequivocally that you are not permitted to function as an independent contractor, be self-employed, or establish your own business in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Government has outlined the occupational roles for which an international student may apply. You can look for a variety of part-time employment in New Zealand, including the ones listed below:

  • Salesperson: You can work as a salesperson or saleswoman in any retail chain as a retail sales assistant.
  • Waiter– Waitressing at a nearby fast-food establishment
  • Supermarket Assistant: Working as a bag boy or salesperson in a supermarket is known as a supermarket assistant.
  • Bartender: Bartenders must be at least 18 years old to work in the industry.
  • Kitchen Hand: Dishwashing by hand in the kitchens of restaurants
  • Call centre Worker: Cold calling as a call centre employee aids in the development of communication skills
  • Retail Sales Assistant
  • Tutor
  • Office Clerk
  • Cook, etc.

You can hunt for part-time jobs on your college campus even though all the positions listed above are off-campus. You can make decent money, for instance, by helping instructors or working in the cafeteria or library of your college.

How Can International Students Find Part-Time Jobs In New Zealand?

In New Zealand, getting a job is not tough. Student part-time jobs in New Zealand are advertised on a variety of websites, such as university support service pages, student job search portals, online platforms, etc. Look at the three job portals listed below to uncover some of the greatest part-time employment in New Zealand-

  • Student Support Services: Each university in New Zealand has a Student Support Service that can provide information on part-time jobs in NZ. Through these programmes, university students can be sure to get employment. This is a dependable method for locating the top part-time employment in New Zealand for students.
  • Student Job Search: This national organisation, Student Job Search, assists students in New Zealand with finding part-time jobs. You can browse their website to find a position that works with your needs and timetable.
  • Job posting websites: Additionally, you can apply directly by searching for “NZ part-time employment for students” on several NZ websites. You can check out websites like Trade Me, Seek, LinkedIn, Indeed, and others to find jobs.

Part-time Job Salary in New Zealand

Depending on their employment type and skills, each international student may receive a different wage. The New Zealand government has established a minimum wage rate, though, which must be paid to all employees, whether they are locals or foreign students. For part-time occupations, the minimum pay is NZ $18.90 after taxes per hour. The employer is not permitted to withhold pay for yearly holidays. This will assist you in paying for daily expenses.

What are the Work Rights For International Students in New Zealand

International students who desire to work part-time in New Zealand are granted the same employee rights. Working in New Zealand while on a student visa gives you the following privileges-

  • A contract of employment in writing
  • Defining the minimum pay rate
  • Paid annual and public holiday
  • A workplace that is safe and doesn’t discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, gender, or colour
  • No harassment or bullying
  • Work within the constraints of the contract

You can file a complaint with Immigration New Zealand if your employer engages in any improper behaviour or violates your rights.

International Students Tax Rules For Part-Time Work In New Zealand

International students are required to pay taxes, as was already mentioned. For students making less than $14,000 per year in New Zealand, the current tax rate is 10.5%. The following steps must be taken in order to file taxes as a student in New Zealand:

  • To pay taxes, you need an IRD number, often known as an Inland Revenue Department number. All tax-related events in your life are identified by your IRD number. You only have one IRD number, and you keep it for the rest of your life.
  • On the website of Inland Revenue, request an IRD number. For a form, you might also give them a call.

Post-Study Work Rights

New Zealand also provides options for you if you want to keep working after you graduate. Prior to the expiration of your student visa, you can apply for a post-study work visa. The requirements of the work visa post-study state that depending on your educational background, you may stay for 1, 2, or 3 years. You may work either full- or part-time in any position that is appropriate with this visa. The minimum wage rate and employee rights are the same as those indicated for part-time positions.

Over time, New Zealand will remain a popular destination for students looking to study abroad. The ideal balance of lifestyle options that New Zealand offers encourages students to look for careers, which is its best feature. An other element influencing students to choose careers in this field is the work-life balance. While doing so will enable students to acquire a part-time employment, they should also prioritise enrolling in top universities that support their academic passions.

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